IMG_5965Dear Shannon,

After roughly a decade in Product Development and Marketing, I made the decision to temporarily shift careers and accept your job opening as a full-time at-home dad to our two daughters, for purposes of this blog we will call them, Fancy (3) and Birdie (1). Besides earning my MBA and working for a top 20 Fortune 500 Company, a few of my qualifications are: I am an excellent crafter, skilled photographer, former lifeguard and camp counselor. There are many reasons why I am accepting this offer, but the only one that matters is that I am doing it for you. Sure the girls and our families will hopefully benefit from the shift, but I accepted this role because, above everything else, I am the luckiest man in the world to have stumbled across you. We can define, change, rearrange, and delete our priorities whenever we want. We are the captains of our own adventure, and by nature, priorities are always shifting, and we are officially going to actively manage ours.

2016 was a rough year, and rough doesn’t even explain it, I don’t have the words to explain to you or anyone else about the loss of your brother and then the health issues with both our parents that have followed. As the support person, I have been both in the circle and out of the circle at the same time. Accepting this position will hopefully be a mile marker in time for how far we are going to move past all of those gray clouds and put sunshine in our view and live the only life we got with purpose. My hope is that this shift in priorities will bring us closer to our children, closer to our parents and families, closer to nature, closer to the things we value, but most importantly I am doing this so WE can be closer.

This blog is my way to capture our new journey and give an outlet to tell our story, whether it is preschooling the girls, streamlining our chaotic lives, hitting the flea markets for future unfinished DIY projects, embarking on another travel adventure or just healing our souls. We have always done things our way with a style that we have fondly started to refer to as Distinctly Dorton.

Thank you for the opportunity,

Todd Dorton

Husband, Dad, Dude.

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