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Buffalo Stance

I need to catch up on our posts, I am behind but will spare you with the excuses and just get to it.  We finished up our park adventure, and over the next few blog posts, I will be recapping some of the final highlights. One of my favorite moments from our last weekend trip (and maybe even the entire summer) was our trip to Prairie State Park.  

Just a little patience – seven camping essentials

A lot of families that I talk to have a lot of nerves about getting out there. Everyone has a horror story about camping. The best thing anyone can do is just keep it simple and plan for the weather. Below are my seven most essential items for a first-time family camper.

Here comes the rain again

I have been talking about changing priorities and changing our lives, and sometimes it all seems very conceptual new age hippy crap but this, this is it. This particular weekend the rain came and could have washed out all the fun, but we adapted, we changed, we enjoyed the moment. We lived in it.

​On the road again.

After months of struggling with grief and sadness, we decided to focus on what we love, the great outdoors. Follow us on our journey as we hit the road and go to all of the Missouri State Parks!