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I still haven’t found what I’m looking for

We did it! We went to 52 Parks (there are 56 but 4 of them are currently closed, unfortunately), camped 22 nights, stayed 12 nights in hotels, 30 playgrounds, hiked 16 miles, 38 friends & family joined us, and we traveled roughly 6,350 miles across the state of Missouri. 

Working for the weekend

In many ways being a stay-at-home dad is very much like having a regular job, the pay isn’t the same, but that’s not the point. Here are five ways I think being an At-home parent is the same as working

Redemption Song

I pledge this to you Dion, wherever you are: I will wake up each day and venture down the most authentically “us” path. I will search high and low for what ignites the passion in me.

The tide is high

It’s coming up on a year since we lost my brother-n-law, and our families’ world has changed so much since our return from Hawaii, it’s hard to even think about what the world was like before that. By this time last year, we had… Continue Reading “The tide is high”

Just a little patience – seven camping essentials

A lot of families that I talk to have a lot of nerves about getting out there. Everyone has a horror story about camping. The best thing anyone can do is just keep it simple and plan for the weather. Below are my seven most essential items for a first-time family camper.

Here comes the rain again

I have been talking about changing priorities and changing our lives, and sometimes it all seems very conceptual new age hippy crap but this, this is it. This particular weekend the rain came and could have washed out all the fun, but we adapted, we changed, we enjoyed the moment. We lived in it.

Manic Monday

  It was hard to write a follow-up to my first post, mostly cause it was hard to shift to a new topic but also cause I got such a great response and now I was feeling some pressure.  I have written this one… Continue Reading “Manic Monday”