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Working for the weekend

In many ways being a stay-at-home dad is very much like having a regular job, the pay isn’t the same, but that’s not the point. Here are five ways I think being an At-home parent is the same as working

Redemption Song

I pledge this to you Dion, wherever you are: I will wake up each day and venture down the most authentically “us” path. I will search high and low for what ignites the passion in me.

Just a little patience – seven camping essentials

A lot of families that I talk to have a lot of nerves about getting out there. Everyone has a horror story about camping. The best thing anyone can do is just keep it simple and plan for the weather. Below are my seven most essential items for a first-time family camper.

Always on my mind

My wife, Shannon is taking over the blog today to talk about how grief and anxiety has impacted her, and how she is working to move forward.